Discount (Empty Leg) Flights FAQ

What is a discounted empty leg flight?

A BahamaGo discounted flight allows passengers to book seats on empty leg flights at prices that are (usually) cheaper than regular airfare. An empty leg flight is the leg of a chartered flight that has no passengers (the plane is empty). Often when a plane is chartered, a pilot has to fly a plane to pick up passengers or fly a plane back to their home base after dropping off passengers. One of these legs is usually empty and when this happens pilots may make those seats available for purchase.

I've never heard of an empty leg flight before. Who uses them?

Purchasing seats on empty leg flights has become increasingly popular with savvy travelers looking to combine the no-hassle mode of charter flights with fares that can be lower than regular airlines.

Are empty leg pilots licensed?

Yes. All discounted empty leg flights listed on BahamaGo are flown by licensed charter pilots. Each flight follows all necessary flight and safety regulations.

I have a connecting flight before/after the empty leg. Is the empty leg a good choice for me?

Empty legs are the by-product of planned charter flights, which are subject to change. As such empty legs are ideal for passengers who have a bit more flexibility in their travel plans and want to save money. Empty legs are best suited for persons who are making direct flights to their final destination. We do not recommend using an empty leg if you need to make a flight connection.

What are the terms and conditions?